What Is a Slot in C++?

What Is a Slot in C++?


A slot is a C++ function that has both private and public definitions. This means that a slot can be a function that you can call directly from any part of your code, such as a function, or it can be a signal-slot connection, in which case a signal emitted from one class causes a private slot in another class to be invoked. Depending on your needs, a slot can also be defined as a virtual function.

Slot machine symbols

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Meaning of slot in programming

A slot is a type of storage that is allocated by a class for a specific type of data. This storage is used by all instances of a class, both general and subclass, and by any subclass of a general class. A slot is also known as a slottable.

A slot is a normal member function in C++ and is called normally by other members. However, it can also be called by external components, either through signal-slot connections or by a signal. The latter type of connection is useful when component programming is being used.

Function pointers

Slots are type-safe representations of callback methods and functions. They are generally created from any function object or member function and can be passed as a method parameter. They can also be constructed from a sigc::trackable, which prevents calls to member methods after the instance has been destroyed.

When using a slot, you should consider the type of the parameter. For example, if a function is called with the event type, it may emit an ‘event data’ type. This means that it may only want to deal with event data. However, if it’s only interested in event data, it may need additional data to properly connect.

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